Jun 3, 2015

AALL Annual Meeting Programming by GPLLA members

Some of your fellow chapter members are (re)presenting(!) at the annual meeting. If you’re still planning your schedule, be sure to consider attending sessions to support your chapter colleagues! These programs include:

  1. Merle J. Slyhoff, UPenn, coordinated and is moderatingThe Bluebook, Five Years and an Edition Later: Connecting Librarians and Editors on Tuesday.
  2. F. Scott DeMaris, Reed Smith LLP, International Attorneys and LLM Students: Filling Research Gaps on Sunday.
  3. Mariah E. Ford, UPenn, is presenting Taming the Chaos: Productivity and Time Management for Law Librarians on Tuesday.
  4. Gail A. Partin, Penn State, is presenting Creative Assessment: Connecting Legal Research Training and Instruction to Results on Monday.
  5. Andrew J. Sather is presenting Google Analytics: Using the Software, Using the Data on Sunday.
  6. Genevieve B. Tung, Rutgers, is presenting:
    1. Get Schooled on Learning: Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Legal Research Instruction Under New ABA Standards 302, 314, and 315 on Sunday, and
    2. Managing Challenging Patron Behavior: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen on Tuesday.


Disclaimer: this list is not exhaustive. I am still in the process of getting to know more Chapter members… so help me out! If you are presenting this summer, I really do want to know about it for inclusion in the post-AALL Summer newsletter!

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